The All Time Music Charts Top 40 Songs From 1950 - 2018

Welcome to Here are the historical all time ranking Top40 End Of Year Music Charts for the years between 1950 - 2018. The Charts pages are numbered 1-40 with Artist & Song Name along with a link to youtube. End OF Year Charts for 2017 & the latest charts for 2018

It's so easy to find the music charts by year for the end of year Top40 countdown from any year, and have a one click link to the YouTube video. To view the Charts, hover your mouse over the decades above and a menu will appear for each of those years. Just click whichever one you would like to see.


You'll find that most songs have an Official Music video to watch, otherwise it might be a amateur singer or rock group playing a cover version of the song.

We keep the site updated with the new charts regularly & we have youtube links for each and every 2500+ songs and they all open in a new window.

Don't forget to check out the other charts, Rock, Love, Heavy Metal, All Time Weddings along with the Breakups ;) and the Irish Pubs chart is great with a brew or 2.

Most of the chart lists on this site are a culmination of many countries charts, and as such, you may not see some songs you expected to be listed. Some of the misc charts are our personal choice as well, but in any case, we hope you enjoy the musical memories.



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